The Truth Behind Narayan Gopal And Chandani Shah

It is a matter of great curiosity among Nepalis about the relationship (?) between Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal and the then queen Aishrwaya Shah, known with the pen- name ‘Chandani Shah’.  We contacted the legendary musician Deepak Jangam to find the truth who gave music to the popular song written by Chandani Shah and sung by Narayan Gopal ‘Euta Manchhe ko Mayale…..’ . Here is what he shared with us.


Narayan Gopal and Chandani Shah

Narayan Gopal and Chandani Shah


Once Narayan Gopal called Deepak Jangam and asked if he could approach Chandani Shah saying ‘Our queen is into art and music, it will be great if we could request her to do something for Nepalese music industry. Let’s not miss this opportunity. Waha pani euta Srashta ho, sayad yo kshetrako lagi kehi garnu hunchha ki’.  He was talking purely about uplifting Nepalese music. His expectations were just like what King Mahendra did for art field such as opening Ratna Recording Studio which helped Nepalese artists to record song in Nepal, establishing Royal Nepal Academy etc.

Deepak Jangam had good connection to Royal palace as he had already given music to many songs written by King Mahendra such as ‘Gajalu ti thula thula ankha’..’Kina kina timro tasbir’ etc.  He arranged Narayn Gopal’s meeting with Chandani’s Shah’s personal secretary (Swakiya Sacheeb) Gehendra Man Singh next morning at 8 am. He waited for Naryan Gopal’s call after the meeting but he never called back. Next day Deepak Jangam rang himself, to his surprise, Narayan Gopal was very furious with personal secretary and said ‘he  did not understand at all, from now on I will never sing for Darbar i.e Chandani Shah’. He did not explain what happened there nor did Deepak Jangam ask. But surely there should have been some misunderstanding. That incident just ended there. Darbar contacted Deepak Jangam for a new song to be sung by Narayn Gopal but Deepak Jangam indirectly informed that Narayan Gopal could not sing because of some health problem. The same song later was recorded by some other singer. Good for Narayan Gopal since Deepak Jangam never revealed that incident to Darbar.


After that incident, in 2045 Narayan Gopal went to Surkhet with some TU friends where he was working temporarily as associate professor. There was a local cultural event at Surkhet where Narayan Gopal sang couple of songs including the hit number written by Chandni Shah ‘Euta manchheko mayale kati’. Incidently, it was when Royal family was on Barshiki Sawari  (Royal visit) to ‘Surkhet’.  It was just co-incidence that the royals also were there in the event. After Narayan Gopal sang ‘Euta manchheko……’ Chandani Shah took mike and went to podium and said ‘Malai charchit banaidinubhayekoma yehaharulai dherai dhanyabaad’. She folded her two hands and greeted them ‘Namaste’.  It indeed was a very big thing for the queen to show such respect in public. That was very huge thing not only for Narayan Gopal but for whole Nepalese music industry. General public, media and especially bureaucrats took that incident in different perspective which ultimately did more good than bad to Narayan Gopal and Nepalese music. ‘Ek kan duikan maidan…’ people started speculating that the queen had soft corner for him.

Narayan Gopal was also very pleased to hear such words from queen. He was so happy that he called Deepak Jangam and said ‘Maile soche jasto hoina rahechha, she really cares about art and music, la ma aba wahako aru git pani gauchhu, kun kun git chha malai dinu paryo’.
Narayan Gopal became ill after few months of Surkhet incident and passed away in 2047.

Rest in peace two beautiful souls.


Our special thanks to legendary Deepak Jangam for his time and help.

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