Bindu Pariyar Won The Case But No She Is Not Going To Get Rs 72 Crore


Bindu Pariyar, a young Nepali woman from Hemja Pokhara won the case against her ex-husband Tom Randell Sewell who hid her passport, forced her to work in strip club and blackmailed her. When she didn’t make enough money, he forced her to have sex with men — and then he filmed the episodes. When enough was enough she divorced him but the man made her an unwilling porn star by uploading them on internet.

After months of ongoing case, state District Judge Martin J. Hoffman at Dallas County ordered Tom Sewell to remove all online videos and images of Pariyar. The Dallas County also ordered Sewell to pay Pariyar more than $7.25 million in restitution which is about Rs 72 crores in Nepali Rupees.’

After the case, Bindu Pariyar exclusively spoke to GundrukPost, she was happy about the case. It took very long for the case to be finalised.  When asked about the $7.25 million compensation she won, she said ‘That’s just the amount court ordered to pay but I may never see a dime in restitution from Sewell’.  Having said that she should be very lucky even if she gets 10% of total money. It’s not the court or government which is going to pay a dime in restitution but the person found guilty in the case i.e. Tom Sewell, her ex-husband who barely have below 10% of total money including property. And she is still not sure how long may the process takes. More than money, she was glad that the truth has come out.

‘It was hard and painful years but now I am trying to live a normal life’ A nursing student says.


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