Why Should Gagan Thapa Immediately Join Bibeksheel Nepali? 9 Arguments 1 comment

Gagan Thapa, one of the most popular politicians of the country is with Nepal’s major political party ‘Nepali Congress’ for more than a decade now. His contributions might be remarkable for his party but has he been equally good enough as a national icon as mentioned on media often? We thought he should quit Nepali Congress and join Nepal’s new political force ‘Bibeksheel Nepali’. Here are our arguments.


Gagan Thapa (Photo ekantipur)

Gagan Thapa (Photo ekantipur)

1  He Needs To Deliver, Not Just Talk-The-Talk
Gagan Thapa can talk, he can win any argument with his logics, his interviews are wonderful. No doubt about that. He has been in politics for long enough now, its high time he does something more than just talk-the talk. Bibeksheel Nepali could be right platform for him if he thinks his party does not value his ideas.


2 Right Person In Wrong  Party (?)

Because Nepali Congress is one of the most corrupted parties which honours the likes of Khum Bahadur Khadka,  Chiranjivi Wagle and Govinda Raj Joshi. Despite being the oldest party of the country it has been synonym of ‘corruption’. Did Mr Thapa do something to change that? Or the bigger question is, can he?


3 Because Nepal Definitely Need A New Political Force
Nepal definitely need a new political force as all the major political parties are doing nothing except looting the country. Enough is enough and people will fight back sooner than later.


4 Bibeksheel Nepali Need A Charismatic And Dynamic Leader
Probably he can be the one. Who knows!


5 Nepal Can Benefit From His Experience

He has been in politics for long and he practically knows how Nepalese politics function.  He can certainly apply the good things and his experience for the benefits of the country. In other words, he can help build a stronger,  and better political party with his vast experience.

6 Bibeksheel Is Different
Bibeksheel is different from Nepal’s major political forces. They are here to bring the change, to do something different for the nation. It is a group of young, enthusiastic and energetic people who really want to bring change (this is what they are saying at present). Probably they will be happy to have someone like him. More importantly, his voice will be heard there.


7 Because He Can Never Grow Within His Party
He spent half his life fighting within the party. And he would be doing the same other half if he reamins in Nepali congress. There are so many older (so called senior) leaders that they would never give him a chance to go further. He won with the highest number of votes in general election but ironically got one of the lowest numbers within his own party.


8 Expectations Are High From Him
‘Desh ko neta bhaneko Gagan Thapa ho’ ‘ Neta bhaneko Gagan Thapa jasto hunu parchha.’ This is how general public used to react on him. But times are changing, you cant just buy them with your words now. People need actions and it is where he has failed. Whether he joins Bibeksheel or remain in Nepali Congress he must deliver. The question is, can he work freely if he is in Nepali Congress?

9 Because Nepal Needs Change

And there is no hope that it can be done with the old corrupt political parties.


Or what do you think? Should he stay in Nepali Congress or join Bibeksheel? Have your say

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One thought on “Why Should Gagan Thapa Immediately Join Bibeksheel Nepali? 9 Arguments

  • Jo

    In my view, Gagan Thapa has been nothing but one hit wonder- entertains for a short while and moves on before a new song rocks your world. He did show a lot of enthusiasm and promise when he was new. Many hopes were pinned on him thanks to his dynamic and patriotic speeches. We believed here was the man who will lead our country to the path of new developed Nepal. Alas, he proved otherwise. Just another politician who shined and faded away.