Why Cricket Matters To Nepal? 10 Reasons

Cricket is emerging as one of the biggest sports in Himalayan nation. And yes it does really matter to Nepal. Find out why.  11 reasons


1 Nepal Has One Of The World’s Most Passionate Cricket Fans

Nepal vs Afghanistan T20 match in Kathmandu

Nepali supporters cheer for their team against Afghanistan in Kathmandu. Photo credit onlinekhabar



Nepali players acknowledge the supporters after winning ACC Elite Trophy in UAE. Photo credit ACC


2 Because Nepal Has Huge Potential In Sports Tourism. Neutral Venue For Indo-Pak Series Can Be One Of Such Examples


Excellent weather, beautiful nature and close to 4 test playing nations can be a great way to boost Nepal’s economy by promoting sports tourism. Photo credit scoopnest.com


3 Because It Is Only ‘Team Sport’ That Can Take Nepal To World Stage. Nepal Qualified For First Ever T20 World Cup 2014 In Bangladesh Where It Registered 2 Wins In 3 Games

T20-World-Cup-2014-Preview zCric

16 nations played in World T20 2014


4 With Approximately 2.5 Billion Fans Cricket Is Second Most Popular Sport Of The World, Shows The Importance Of Cricket


A glimpse from MCC Australia in 2015 World. Photo credit: The Telegraph UK


5 Because You Can See Every Kid Playing Cricket In Nepal


Kids enjoying cricket in Kathmandu. Photo credit sayonarapushek.com


6 Despite Very Limited Resources, Nepal Is Doing Extremely Well


Nepal’s only int’l ground in rainy season. Photo credit; cricketlok.com


But they produce exceptional result despite poor facilities


7 There Are Only 10 Nations Playing Highest Level Cricket (Test Playing Nations). Four Of Them Are Our South Asian Neighbors; Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Sport Has So Much Influence In Sub-Continent That You Cannot Simply Ignore



Map of test playing nations


8 Because Nepalese Are Naturally Talented Cricketers, Unlike Many Other Associate Nations The Country Has All The Home Grown Players. Nepal Won Almost All Age-Level Tournaments In Asia, Also Played U19 World Cup For 6 Times 


Photo Credit ACC


9 Nepal’s Biggest Sport Football Has Been Disappointing For Years. Last Trophy Nepal Won Was 2 Decades Ago In 1993


After Nepal’s loss in South Asian Championship semifinal in Kathmandu. Pic ekantipur


10 Because Cricket Unites Nepal


It has been more than sport. Photo credit unitedstuff.co.nz



Nepali cricket fans watch country’s match in big screen. Mangal bazar, Kathmandu valley


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by mikkoBH.  Founder blogger of GundurkPost who is passionate about cricket & following Nepalese cricket for last 1.5 decade

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