What Nepal’s Popular Bloggers Have To Say About Blogging And Its Financial Aspects

Blogging for fun is one thing but to establish oneself as a blogger is entirely another thing. There is so much to blogging than just writing. That is why you see every second blog on the internet not being updated. The excitement of starting a blog does not last more than a couple of months because its constant hard work. It involves planning, doing homework, writing, re-writing, publishing then sharing and promoting. Bloggers can also go professional and earn a lot but it can be different story for Nepalese bloggers. So I wanted to explore this side of blogging in Nepalese context. I wanted to know how independent are our bloggers financially and even if they want to make career out of it; in near future if not now.


Nepal's popular bloggers who write in English

Nepal’s popular bloggers who write in English

I started blogging two years ago. Back then I had no idea it would take so much energy, time and effort from me. Many times, I asked myself is it right thing what I am doing? Then I was also little curios how other Nepalese bloggers were doing and how they feel. So I contacted some very well known Nepalese bloggers who write in English. This is my little try to share their stories who spend sleepless nights telling others stories. Likewise I am also trying to explore other sides of blogging in Nepal; particularly its financial aspects.


1  Neeraj Pun, NeoStuffs.com


Neeraj Pun

Neeraj Pun

Neeraj Pun probably is Nepal’s top rising blogger who runs NeoStuffs with engaging and regular posts. Tired of only negative news about Nepal, this South Korea based textile designer started blogging just to share the good news that also kept in touch with Nepal. Earning from blog has never been his primary objective though it really costs him to run it especially when his blog attracts number of visitors and it has to get upgraded.
Neeraj does not make any profit from google ads though it is enough to cover the costs. Blogging takes significant time of his busy schedule but he enjoys the recognition he gets from it and the research and study he has to do for the articles is amazing learning experience. Asked about his top 3 Nepali blogs his answer was; Lakshya ofKaagmandu Magazine Jay Poudyal of Stories of Nepal and LexLimbu whom he nicknamed ‘Rajesh Hamal of Nepali blogging’
His only advice to the upcoming bloggers is ‘Just keep writing, being famous should never be your goal’. On generating more revenue and becoming financially independent he shares honest answer who never thinks that way because he does not want to. Because if he goes commercial he fears he may lose the essence of it, he may not be able to write fearlessly since he will be under restriction of his commercial blog.


2 Lex Limbu, Lexlimbu.com

Lex Limbu

Lex Limbu

Dharan born, UK based celebrity Nepali blogger Lex needs no introduction. Lex started blogging long back in 2008 when he was school going 15-year kid. Back then he did it entirely for solo entertainment and blogging was still a very new for Nepalese readers. Now a Kings College Post-Grad Lex often wonders where it would have taken him had he spent all the time and effort he had given to blog to his career building or development studies related studies.
His technical sides of website are maintained by Pradeep Singh. Despite being one of the most visited Nepali blogs he chose not to have the space for advertisement on his webpage as blogging is still a time-pass for him. He never thinks to make career out of it rather it is just his platform to share the stories of hope and promote Nepalese art and culture as well as challenge the status quo. However, he makes all the operating costs from google ads. Many might feel it as ‘missed opportunity’ for such a celebrated blogger but that’s how Lex feels. He is also quite particular about what ads and promotional events to share through his website where financial aspect has never been a deciding factor.
Having said that, he really appreciates the tremendous support and recognisation he received as ‘lexlimbu’ the blogger which helped him from his internship to a lot of travels in Nepal, whether it’s hotels, restaurants or flights which has been the most incredible thing. Besides establishing connections, being blogger has significantly helped him in his new travel project ‘Tracing Nepal’ which he initiated with friend Chandrika. Not as active as in previous years, Lex regularly follows Neeraj Pun’s NeoStuffs.
He declares financial aspects have never been his motivational factor for blogging. Though not as passionate as before in blogging he often has to remind himself that he has created something which he cannot just let go of. He is so right how can someone just let go off such a well established i.e. Lexlimbu ; the brand.


3 Anil Aakar, AakarPost.com

Ani Aakar (Ghimire)

Anil Aakar (Ghimire)

Kathmandu based IT professional Anil Aakar (Ghimire) is marketing technologist and social media analyst who enjoys the identity he gets from blogging. Interestingly he made money by blogging even in his initial days back in 2010. He happily shared he bought his first mobile Nokia 6300 with its revenue. However these days, he only blogs to shares his interest on blog to educate people, mainly tech related. As he is already into internet marketing; blogging /content writing automatically falls into his field by one way or other. His only financial expenses besides time and effort are just 10 dollars a year to renew the domain. His blogs are in both the languages Nepali and English. He says it is highly possible to build career out of blogging if one is talented and creative enough, he suggests , ‘if you want to build your career in any field, blogging is one of the best options for you to showcase your talent. If you are a professional blogger, then first figure out the revenue model for your blog. You can write for yourself; you can write for others as well. Content writers are in high demand these days.’ His only advice to new bloggers is that, when you start be aware there’ll be frustration (in terms of revenue, readers, reach, shares etc). Just don’t give up. Keep calm and carry on 🙂



4 Pradeep Singh NepaliBlogger.com

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep is London based blogger and an aspiring entrepreneur. He started blogging out of passion which has immensely helped him get connected with home country Nepal. Social media enthusiast Pradeep generates enough revenue from blogging to be a full time blogger as he is engaged with several other blogs and and other inbound marketing activities. But its entirely different story for this blog Nepaliblogger. He uses Google ads to monetize NepaliBlogger. Despite having requests for direct banner advertising on webpage he has never done it. He admits It’s tough to generate good revenue from Google Adsense ads with Nepali content. Despite having a good number of page views and click-through rate, the earnings per click with Ads served on pages with Nepali content is very low. The blog, however, makes enough to cover all the hosting and other technical costs. Besides technical sides he also paid the freelancers who contributed articles to the blog (mostly in 2014 when the blog accepted contributions).

He believes blogging is still a new phenomenon for most of the growing internet audience in Nepal. What frustrates him the most is when they confuse blogging with other mushrooming Nepali online media sites. He believes blogging takes more time and effort as compared to what it gives in return financially in Nepalese context. Having said that he enjoys blogging which keeps him informed about current happenings in Nepal and he gets to get connected with readers and diaspora. Lexlimbu and Mysansar are two Nepalese blogs he frequently follows.
He encourages new bloggers and ready to give his hand wherever needed he said ‘If you have any queries or stuck with any technical issues while blogging, feel free to reach out to me. I have helped so many bloggers to get started and along their journey’


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There are many amazing Nepalese bloggers around the world who share their stories but unfortunately we could cover only four.



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