About Us

Everything you want to know about GundrukPost


What is this all about?
GundrukPost is a Nepalese blog focusing on social media, tech, business, entertainment, travel, politics and everything interesting about Nepal. Just like Gundruk 🙂


How you came up with this odd name ‘Gundruk’?
Ohh yeahhh, we love ‘Gundruk’ its pure, original and 100% Nepali. We wanted to give some Nepali touch to our blog so went for this original name Gundruk.  Hope you liked it 🙂

(Gundruk गुन्द्रुक is fermented leafy green vegetable and is a popular food in Nepal and claimed to be one of the national dishes)



How popular is this blog?
Its growing to be one the most popular Nepalese blogs. On average, it gets 45,000+ views a month.



How big is GundrukPost team?
Its not as big as you think We got a team of two, yeah husband & wife 🙂 Mr. does all the blogging, writing and handling social media. And Mrs. takes care of technical issues who is responsible for creating this website, designing, maintaining and upgrading. Btw, Mrs holds Master’s Degree in computer science while Mr. is more into soft science who did degree in Int’l development. This Nepalese couple is based in the UK after spending many years in beautiful Finland 🙂



How can we contact you?
Easy! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or directly write us at info@gundrukpost.com



Anything more about you guys?

We love Gundruk ko jhol ra bhat 😛