Tri-Chandra College: Celebrating 100 Years Of Nepal’s Oldest Higher Educational Institution

It has been 100 years since Nepal got its first higher educational institute in 1918. We check upon some interesting facts about this historic Tri-Chandra College.


1 Tri-Chandra College was established by the then Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher JBR in 1918 AD.  But it was only accessible to a handful people of ruling Rana until 1951 AD when Rana regime came to an end.

Tri-Chandra College in early years


2 The name Tri-Chandra came from king Tribhuvan and Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher (Tribhuvan-Chandra) later known as Tri-Chandra. It is also called TC (Tri-Chandra Campus/ Tri-Chandra College).

The name TriChandra came from King Tribhuvan and Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher


3 The college started with intermediate studies in humanities followed by science next year. It was affiliated to Patna University, India then to Calcutta University Calcutta India until 1959. It started offering B. Sc. Degree from 1945. 

Patna University India (Photo: The Hindu)

4 Nepal’s first university ‘Tribhuvan University’ was established in 1959. It was then Tri-Chandra got affiliated to TU. In that sense Tri-Chandra is 42 older years than TU.

Tribhuvan University, Nepal’s first university established in 1959


5 . Currently there are more than 11,000 students in Tri-Chandra College in two faculties. Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. It offers studies up to Master’s level. 

Tri Chandra Campus main building (Photo Binaya Neupane)


6 In 2014 campus library  was completely destroyed by fire incident.  Some 2,000 books, including large number of research papers, were reduced to ashes. 

BP Libary, Tri Chandra Campus (Photo: Binaya Neupane)


7 Sardar Rudra Raj Pandey was one of the longest serving Principals of Tri-Chandra College who was appointed as Principal in 1938 till 1951. Previously in 1924 he started teaching in Tri-Chandra,  the following year in 1925 he had the dual responsibility to teach in the college as well as to take up the responsibility as Head Master of Darbar School. 

Sardar Rudra Raj Pandey’s contribution in Nepal’s education sector is so remarkable that Nepal government paid tribute by publishing a postal stamp. (Photo facebook)


8 Tri-Chandra College in heart of Kathmandu is also a epicentre of student politics

Tri Chandra college is also notoriously famous for student politics, strike and protest. (Photo Dorje Gurung)


9 Despite many private colleges, Tri-Chandra still attracts thousands of students from all over the country. It still is a privilege to be a student of Nepal’s pioneer college. Location, lower tuition fee and reputation are key factor to this. 

Overcrowded classroom of Tri-Chandra (Photo Binaya Neupane)


10 Physics class is just over.

Even after 100 years teaching methods are still traditional (Photo Binay Neupane)


11 Ghantaghar, Ratnapark, Durbar Marg, Former Royal Palalce.  The college is absolutely in heart of Kathmandu

The campus located in heart of the capital city. (Photo Kishor Panthi)


12 Other view of Tri-Chandra with Ghantahar

Ghantaghar and Tri-Chandra College


13 Sarswati Sadan: Administrative building of the campus

Administrative building of the campus


14 New Block at campus

New block at campus

15 Tri-Chandra college has produced hundreds of thousand of graduates and now they are all over the world. Some of the most popular alumnus are from Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal, Kul Chandra Gautam, Gagan Thapa etc.

Mahakavi Devkota: One of the alumnus of Tri-Chandra


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