Top 30 Bestselling Nepali Books Of Last Decade You DoNot Want To Miss 9 comments


1 KARNALI BLUES, Novel by BuddhiSagar, FinePrint Publication 2010

Karnali Blues.GundrukPost.BuddhiSagar















2 PALPASA CAFÉ, Novel by Narayan Wagle, Nepalaya Publication 2005. Also Published on English, Korean and French



















3 ANTARMANKO YATRA, Memoir by Jagdish Ghimire, Jagdish Ghimire Pratisthan 2008

2Antarmannko Yatra. JagadishGhimire.Book.GundrukPost

















4 SETO DHARTI, Novel by Amar Neupane, FinePrint Publication 2012

5Seto Dharti.FinePrint.GundrukPost


















5 SOCH- EUTA AATMABISHWAS, by Karna Sakhya, Ratna Pustak Bhandar 2004


















6 KHUSHI, Memoir by Vijay Kumar Pandey, FinePrint Publication 2014















7 CHEENA HARAYAKO ANCHHE, Autobiography by Hari Bansha Acharya, FinePrint Publication 2013

7Cheena Haryaeko Manchhe


















8 JEEVAN KANDA KI PHOOL,by Jhamak Ghimire, Jhamak Ghimire Sahitya Pratisthan 2010

11Jeevan Kanda Ki Phool
















9 JHOLA, Novel by Krishna Dharabasi. Pariavi Book House 2010




















10 SUMMER LOVE & SAYA, Sequel Novel by Subin Bhattarai, FinePrint Publication 2012, 2014

Summer Love- Part 1

Summer Love- Part 1

















Saya - Part 2, Sequel of Summer Love

Saya – Part 2, Sequel of Summer Love













11 KHALANGAMA HAMALA, by Radha Paudel Nepalaya Publication 2013


















12 DAMINI BHIR, Novel by Rajan Mukarung, Phoenix Books 2012


















13 ROOKMANGUD KATWAL, AATMAKATHA,  Edited by Kiran Bhandari and Sudip Shrestha. Nepalaya Publication 2014

















14 SANSARLAI SADHE PANCH FANKO, Travelogue by Pushkar Shah, Book Hill Publication 2014



















15 KHANA PUGOS DINA PUGOS, Collections of Essays by Rabindra Mishra. Nepalaya Publications 2012

13Khana Pugos Dina Pugos

















16 PRAYOGSHALA, NEPALI SANKRAMANMA DILLI, DARBAR RA MAOBADI  by Sudheer Sharma. FinePrint Publication 2013













17 BINOD CHAUDHARY, Autobiography Edited by Sudip Shrestha, Nepalaya Publication 2013


















18 RAKTAKUNDA, Novel on Nepal’s Royal Massacre by Krihsna Abiral, 2007


















19 MAYUR TIMES, Novel by Narayan Wagle, Nepalaya Publication 2010


















20 PHOOLKO ANKHAMA, Autobiography by Ani Choying Drolma, Nepalaya Publication 2011


12Phool Ko Aankhama


















21 AFNAI ANKHAKO LAYAMA, by Khagendra Sangraula, FinePrint Publication 2012

15Aafnai Ankhako Layma















22 CHHAPAMAR YUWATIKO DIARY, by Tara Rai. Ratna Pustak Bhandar 2010


















23 REGISTAN DIARY, Stories of Nepalese Immigrants in Gulf by Devendra Bhattarai 2011

















24 MAILE DEKHEKO DARBAR, by Bibek Kumar Shah

14Maile Dekheko Durbar

















25 GHANACHAKKAR, Novel by Sanjeev Uprety, Nepalaya Books 2007



















26 PANIKO GHAM, Collection of Short Stories by Amar Neupane, FinePrint Publication 2011



















27  TUIN, Novel by Suresh Pranjali. FinePrint Publication 2013













28 URGEN KO GHODA, Novel by Yug Pathak, Shangrila Books Publication 2010



















29 UNI, by Ashwini Koirala, Panch Pokhari Prakashan Griha 2013


















30 YAYAWAR, Novel by Brazesh Khanal, Orchid Boocks 2013





















How the books were selected?

1 Only books written in Nepali language. 2 Books translated from other languages not included, 3 Gone through all the possible available reviews including in goodreads, Nepali media 4 Popularity of books, media coverage, reader’s comments taken into account.  5 Only Nepali books published during last decade, those before 2004 not included.  6 Blogger’s preference. PS: Blogger has read all the above listed books + some more published in last decade.7 Books in random order. 

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Let’s read more Nepali books to know Nepal better. So which is your favourite book in the list?

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9 thoughts on “Top 30 Bestselling Nepali Books Of Last Decade You DoNot Want To Miss

  • Tanka Kafle

    All are not good at all, some mentioned are bullshit.LOO and Uraal of Nayan Raj Pandey are far better than some mentioned above. Some were famous because of the authors connection to big tycoons and media house. Palpasa cafe a good read but Mayur times is a nightmare. How can you call saaya and Summer Love as novels with good review. Karnali Blues, Palpasa cafe, seto Dharti , mentioned biographies are good one.

  • Ramesh Tiwari

    I don’t agree with your list.

    Some of the books you have listed didn’t even get any attention by media and reader. Mayur Times, Yayabar, Uni can’t make a list.

    Go to and see which one is popular and voted by readers.

  • saroj karki

    Firfire is kind of book which can produce tears during laughter and emotional scenes both.
    It will be on this list after sm duration for sure.

  • Karishma

    I have read some of those books when I was in Nepal.. Is it possible to get these books in uae..I will be greatfull if I get your reply.thanks.