Dhurmus Suntali: Beautiful couple with beautiful souls

The Real Celebrity Couple Of Nepal Doing Impossible To Help Earthquake Survivors

While Nepalese government is not doing much to help its hundreds of thousands of helpless citizens affected by earthquake, a celebrity couple are giving their everything for the cause. Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire, better known as Dhumrus – Suntali of popular comedy tv show ‘Meri Bassai’ were in the USA when massive earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015. They cancelled 16 shows around USA and returned back to do something.

Dhurmus Suntali: Beautiful couple with beautiful souls

Dhurmus Suntali: Beautiful couple with beautiful souls. (Image newstoreader.blogspot)

The duo initiated impossible task to rebuild 16 houses at Pahari Basti at Kavrepalanchok, one of the worst affected areas by earthquake. Sagoon, Bhadragol and Meri Bassai team joined the hands for the cause. Dhurmus -Suntali foundation worked hard days and nights and spent their own money but the project was too big to be done by themselves. Cashing their popularity for noble cause, many fellow artists and Nepalese organisations and people in and around the world started helping them. After 70 days and with the budget of Rs 70 lakh they handed over ‘Dhurmus Suntali Ekikirit Namuna Basti’ (Integrated Settlement) with 16 beautiful houses to the people whose everything was lost.

Once the project was completed they could have stopped focusing on ‘post construction of earthquake’ and carry on doing their business but they even dreamt bigger. The celebrity couple chose another worst affected village at Giranchaur Sindhupalchok, which was completely destroyed by earthquake. The marginalised people of Tamang basti were helpless after massive quake. Dhurmus Suntali planned to build 65 houses to resettle more than 400 members. Easier said than done, it could have cost Rs 500 million alone, but they dared to dream. Their sweat and blood finally paid off as hundreds of Nepalis living around the world contributed as much as they could from Rs 1000 to 2 million. Many well known artists went and supported the cause the way they could. Guess what, now the project is going absolutely on plan and it seems it is near completion.
Find details about the project on Dhurmus Suntali Foundation official website , phone no 9803472476, email dhurmussuntali47@ gmail.com and get connected on facebook

A big salute to the real celebrities of Nepal.

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