Ten Writing Tips From Nepal’s Bestselling Author Buddhisagar

Nepal’s bestselling writer of modern era Buddhisagar needs no introduction. Author of two much-loved novels ‘Karnali Blues’ and ‘Phirphire’ shares some great writing tips to upcoming writers. Writing can be fun but it is not an easy job that is why Ernest Hemingway rightly said ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed’. Hope these amazing tips from our favourite author inspire you write more.

Buddhisagar with his second novel 'Phirphire' (Photo: Buddhisagar Facebook page)

Buddhisagar with his second novel ‘Phirphire’ (Photo: Buddhisagar Facebook page)



1 Why I Am Writing : First question is to ask yourself ‘why  I am writing?’ If you are tempted  just by name and fame then this is time to stop. This will invite nothing but troubles.  On the contrary, if you are really serious and want to write straight from the heart then there is no other option but to write.  Celebrated write Paulo Coelho believes everyone of us has some beautiful stories to share. Have you got one, why wait? Start right now.


2 Bad Start Does Not Mean Bad Book: It is true that ‘A good beginning makes a good ending’ but this may not necessarily apply in my writing. In writing, you can have a bad start but end up creating a beautiful book. Don’t worry much about first chapter, once you start writing and get into subject you can easily extract any paragraph from the middle of the book which can give a great start. Many writes do the same.


3 Motivation And Music: Funny thing about our mind is it is restless and unpredictable. Some days you feel like writing for hours and other day you struggle to find a single word. So if you are going with a flow save something for next day so that you don’t have to struggle to start. And if you are passionate about music, create a folder of soothing music and play it in background. The melodious and beautiful music that touches your heart help create a book that will touch the soul of your readers.


4 Stick To Your Originality: You have nothing to write? Every single thing around us has its own story. Even dog’s tail (Kukurko puchchhar) could make a beautiful write-up, as said by scholar Dr DP Bhandari. So don’t worry about content. Write in any content and in any style. Liberate your mind and express everything you want to share. Is your writing different from other writers? Don’t worry, stick to your originality and be proud that you have your own style. Who knows that could be your selling point.

'Karnali Blues' and 'Phirphire' two best seller of modern Nepali era. (Photo Buddhisagar Facebook page)

‘Karnali Blues’ and ‘Phirphire’ two best seller of modern Nepali era. (Photo Buddhisagar Facebook page)


5 Be Consistent:  Writing is tiresome job. It takes a lot from you so don’t over pressure yourself. Write little but be consistent. Try to write every day. Most writers write 250 to 1000 words a day. Haruki Murakami writes 1000 words a day while Khaled Hosseini does about 3 pages.


6 Getting Lost In Middle:  You have completed one third of the book and still  have no idea where you are going? Take it easy, it’s normal for the writers because they think and overthink. Most of the books get shape only in half away around.  So keep playing with the words.


7 Self Discipline : The biggest virtue in writing is ‘discipline’. Commit yourself that you will write everyday. Decide your most convenient time and spare at least an hour out of 24. Whether you are into writing mood or not just sit and jot down few words. If you have nothing to write, just write your name. Cultivating the habit of writing is very crucial if you want to be a writer.


8 Keep It To Yourself:  My one secret suggestion is, don’t share your writing plans to every Tom Dick and Harry. Answer only if someone is curious about it. Self publicity may sound good but it is equally dangerous if you can’t keep up with the expectations.  If your work is good enough it will definitely get credit with the passage of time. Just have patience and concentrate on your work.  To say exactly in Nepali ‘Lehikraheko kura sunaudai hidnu bhaneko pressure cooker bata baaf lick hunu jastai ho, jasle sity bajdaina’.

How it was started 'Karnali Blues' (Photo Buddhisagar Facebook page)

How it was started ‘Karnali Blues’ (Photo Buddhisagar Facebook page)

9 Don’t Compare: As Hemingway said ‘First draft of anything is shit.’ No matter how beautiful is book and how many millions it has been sold, its first draft definitely had been different.  So my advice is don’t ever compare your draft with the published writings. They were written, re-written, edited and re-edited before it went to printing machines.


10 Last But Not The Least:  The most important thing is health. Take good care of your health, don’t over-stress yourself. Have a balanced diet and time for regular exercise.  Go for walks, it is not only good for your body but also for your mind. Sometimes you get great ideas while walking.


Happy Writing 🙂


Extracted and translated from Buddhisagar’s Facebook page with author’s permission.

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