Nepalese Actor Sunil Thapa in Mary Kom with Priyanka Chopra


Nepalese Actor Sunil Thapa in Mary Kom with Priyanka Chopra

Sunil Thapa in Mary Kom with Priyanka Chopra

Nepalese veteran actor Sunil Thapa is back with a bang in Bollywood after many years. His role in Sanjay Lila Bhansali’s ‘Mary Kom’ stole the show and he has been getting appraisal for the powerful role. ‘Mary Kom’ a biographical sports film is based on the life of Indian boxer MC Mary Kom and Mr Thapa played Priyanka Chopra’s coach Narjit Singh.

We went through Indian media and to find out what the bollywood press saying about him.

Omar Quereshi, Editor-in-Chief Zoom TV : This film hardly leaves any place for other artist than Priyanka Chopra but a special mention for Sunil Thapa who plays a role for Priyanka’s coach, he is very convincing.

Anupama Chopra, The Hindustan Times: The Director  wisely surrounds Priyanka Chopra with largely unknown actors who contribute immensely in creating a convincing texture. Darshan Kumar as Mary’s husband Onler, Robin Das as her father and Sunil Thapa as her coach are very good.

NDTV: In any case, it is a tall order for the hardworking Priyanka not to stick out like a misguided missile amid the likes of Robin Das, Rajni Basumatary (as Mary Kom’s father and mother respectively) and Sunil Thapa (as her coach), who meld in far more easily with the purported setting of the film. Even though Priyanka dominates every scene in the film, her coach (Sunil Thapa), and husband — played by debutant actor Darshan Kumar — makes their presence felt with their honest performances.  

IIndia Today

Sunil Thapa as Chopra’s coach M Narjit Singh, who after Onler is the most instrumental man in Mary Kom’s life, fails to make an impression. Thapa’s Singh is always grouchy even when cheering his star student. The fights, which should be the shining moments in the film, are not gripping, thanks to patchy editing.

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