Success Story: Nepal Records Remarkable Growth In Tiger Population

When it comes to tigers Nepal is aiming high. The country wants to have at least 250 Bengal tigers by the year 2022. It really looks realistic when we say the country already made a remarkable progress, growing the tiger population  from 121 in 2009 to 198 in last 5 years which is 63% growth.


Nepal is home to 200 tigers which is more than 5% world's  total tiger population

Nepal is home to 200 tigers which is more than 5% world’s total tiger population



Nepal is now often cited as a success story for conservation. Its Government announced it had achieved a milestone in conservation efforts  when it  claimed  ‘zero poaching of rhinos, tigers, and elephants’.

According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) there were an estimated 3,200 tigers living in the wild in 2010. New estimates suggest that there are now just over 3800. The increase in tiger numbers has primarily been seen in Nepal, India, Russia, and Bhutan, says Ginette Hemley, a senior vice president with the WWF.



Global Tiger Statistics (Source WWF)

Global Tiger Statistics (Source WWF)


Academy award winner Leonardo Dicpario also playing a vital role in protecting Nepal’s wild tigers who donated millions for the cause through his foundation. He also visited Nepal couple of times for the purpose.

Well done Nepal

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