Safety Alert To Nepali Citizens Travelling To USA



Thousands of Nepali live and work permanently in the USA. Similarly significant amount of Nepalis travel there every year. ‘The land of opportunity’ is safe and civilised society. However, recent natural disasters like hurricane, hailstorms and tornadoes have been very unfortunate. Likewise recent fatal shooting at Las Vegas and other gun- violence which killed many innocent people is a serious matter to be considered. Our prayers and thoughts with them.

Nepali citizens in the US might regularly encounter a variety of problems. When an emergency happens or if natural disaster, terrorism, or rampant shooting strikes during your stay or your travel, Nepali embassy at Washington DC can be your source of assistance and information. But to be very honest, do not expect much help from our embassy officials.

USA is a country with frequent natural disasters, gun-violence, and a variety of other risks. We strongly recommend that all Nepali citizens who travel to or live in the USA take good care of oneself because Nepali government may not able to help you in disaster.

Long live Nepal –USA friendship

The letter of format is inspired by Embassy of USA, Kathmandu’s website notice ‘travelling in Nepal’

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