Sadhguru’s Deep Spiritual Connection To Nepal In 14 Pictures

Sadhguru is a mystic, yogi and spiritual leader. Born in Southern India as Jaggu Vasudev in 1957, he is founder of the Isha Foundation. Sadhguru often  explains how the land of Nepal, nestled in the mighty Himalayas, was created as a living, tantric body by yogis and mystics. Here we present how he is connected to Nepal starting from his young age when he was an avid traveller.




Sadhguru wrote on his bestselling book ‘Inner Engineering’ about his dream as a young man, ‘ There was a time when I crisscrossed India on my motorcycle. My dream was to go around the world on my motorcycle.’


 A young rider’s first attempt to enter Nepal, Sadhguru shares on his book ‘I had even gone up to Nepal but I had to come back because at the border, they asked me for my papers. I did not know I needed papers to leave the country’s borders. I didn’t have any papers except my motorcycle license.” I thought my motorcycle could take me everywhere. I turned back and tried going another way, but there also at the border check post they said no.’ (Photo


‘Nepal, a living tantric body’ In Master’s own words (Photo


Sadhguru in love with Nepal’s mountains. ‘These mountains… If you look at them a thousand times over, lust will not be gone.’


‘In Nepal the very psychology of civilization is still completely geared towards ultimate liberation’. His thought about spiritual Nepal


With locals in Kathmandu (Photo ISHA Nepal Facebook)


‘Having visited this Nepal every year for the past twelve years, it holds an intimate place in my heart. ‘


Walking barefoot in spiritual land


Sadhguru in Nepal’s Himalayas near Manang


Clicks from some of Nepal’s known faces with Sadhguru. Actor Reecha Sharma, Swami Arun Anand and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli


Nature, spirituality and adventure in Nepal


with Manisha Koirala, a Bollywood actor from Nepal


Sadhguru at his most favourite place in Nepal. A very spiritual place; Bhaktapur


Sadhguru on Bhaktapur, “Bhaktapur means a city of devotees, or a city of devotion. It was created in such a way that it will not let you forget the presence of the divine even for a single moment. Anywhere you looked, every small utility was made like a temple. Every step that you took on the streets, you could see a tremendous sense of aesthetics”.



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