A Very Sad State Of Affairs: Every Month 120 Nepalis Working Abroad Return Home In Coffins :(

Hundreds of Nepali youths leave for better future everyday mostly to Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries . The journey is not easy for these desperate youths who find no job in home country.  Roughly, half a million Nepalis work in Qatar alone at present, it is same story in Malaysia as well.

Everyday 3-5 coffins arrive in Kathmandu airport (Photo ekantipur)

Everyday 3-5 coffins arrive in Kathmandu airport (Photo ekantipur)

More Nepali migrant workers have died in foreign land in last 10 years than American troops in Iraq war. Everyday, Nepal’s only airport Tribhuvan International Airport receives 4-6 wooden caskets filled with young Nepali’s dead body. And the sad part is the number of coffins are growing. Major causes of death are mentioned as; natural death, road accident, cardiac arrest, depression or suicide.

By seeing country’s situation this painful story seems to continue for many more years to come, which is more serious issue 🙁

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