Kathmandu from air


Kathmandu from air

Image: Chad M

Finally you decided to return back home for good after several years abroad. That’s a good decision but read these 7 hidden truths before returning back to Nepal.

1 Are You Married?

What is your partner’s decision? Be very honest, either convince him/her or take his/her advice seriously. This might not be the end of your relationship but gradually it can break everything. If you have children think twice. It’s not only your life and your decision.

2 Is Entire Family Dependent On You?

Are you the only person earning in a big family? Are you the one looking after your parent’s medicals, sister’s education and brother’s tuition? What happens once you return back?  These all are simple questions but it’s those simple things which make our lives more complicated. You surely have plans in Nepal but make sure they don’t starve because of you.

3 You Want To Be A Change And Role Model For A Country

You have seen the good sides of prosperous world and now you want to do something for your own nation. That’s great. The idea of returning and giving something back to own nation is an amazing feeling. But how you will do that? Do some serious research and make plan A, B, C and even D. One must be very patient if things don’t work accordingly in Nepal. You just going back and having 9 to 5 ordinary job is not the real meaning of change. In fact, that will be even worse since you will be snatching somebody’s job. You will be adding another unemployed person. If you really want to do something, go as an entrepreneur and create opportunities for others or do something in social sectors, join politics, take up government jobs.

4 What If You Want To Come Back?

You never know, you never know. So what if? Do you have backup plan? Think about it otherwise you will be regretting your entire life for the decision you took.

5 How Much You Have Now?

If you are from well off background, just get a flight ticket and it will not be a problem. But for others, how much savings you have? Things are getting pretty expensive in our country. Unless you get a highly paid job or start own enterprise it will be extremely difficult to settle a family, buy land or build house if you want to settle down in Kathmandu. And once you are a foreign returnee you might want to give your children the best education. Calculate the tuition fee and get the right figure in advance.

6 Make Sure Your Children Do Not Have To Struggle The Way You Did

It was your dream to come abroad and lead a better life. After seeing the pros and cons you decided to go back which is understandable. But do you want your children to go through the same hassles if they want to come abroad? Do they again have to follow same rigorous process?  Make sure they are better equipped lest it will be a same vicious circle.

7 Come Out Of A Comfort Zone, Can You Really?

It’s so fascinating to see Nepal’s beautiful pictures and praise on the internet but will it be equally good to go and experience? Yes we lived there and that is our root but after spending several years abroad we are gradually used to it. If you have finally decided to return back, give yourself 6 months time to go and experience the things. Things in Nepal are not same since you left. You probably won’t notice in your few weeks holiday as you will be busy in celebrity type life, travelling and meeting relatives and clicking the pictures. Six months trial period is not a long time considering you are deciding to return forever.


At the end, if you are returning at any cost and your decision is final that is great. There are hundreds and thousands of unexplored opportunities in every sector. In addition, our country needs us in tough time, we need to build our own country. My only advice is ‘do not listen to your friends and family who always discourage you, (only in this case though). Connect with the like minded people, there are many such groups, find them and listen their experiences. More risks, more gain. Just go and grab but make sure you read those seven points twice. All the very best.


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  • sanjib subba

    Aha not so inspiring article. I have come back after 12 years abroad and feeling great about coming back. It’s already been 5 years. There is so much do and millions of opportunity in this country. If you start reflecting on all the questions posed by this article no one would like to return. Life is not about calculator. comeback with an open mind leaving your expectations behind. After all as a Nepali we have been part of this soil and culture – nothing will come as a surprise if we learn to accept the ground realities and make best use of it. If there is any opportunity then that’s right here in Nepal..its totally virgin from that perspective. Cheers!

    • Anil Pradhan

      Very well replied Sanjeeb ji… Well the article did not manage to discourage me even a bit, since I am looking forward to returning back to my land after almost 16 years of overseas life. However, your response did manage to sweetly encouraged me and made me more excited.
      I would be very happy to catch up over a coffee with you, if your schedule permits, once I am back in Kathmandu.
      Admist, we could keep in touch. anilpradhan15612 at gmail dot com is my email address.
      Thanks and regards,

  • सत्यम

    एउटा कुरा पढेर असमंजस्म परें।आफुले गरेको दुःख संतान ले नभोग्नु परोस।दुःख त जहा गए,रहे पनी भोग्नु त पर्छ नै,चाहे बिदेश या स्वदेश!
    दुःख नपाएको र सुख मात्र को अनुभूति गरेका संतान कस्ता हुन्छन्?
    र दुःख गरी सुखको लागि मिहिनेत गर्ने संतान कस्ता हुन्छन्?