Why Rabindra Mishra Matters So Much To Nepal?

First of all, grand salute to Rabindra Mishra who took this very bold step to join Nepali politics. Probably, it could have been the most challenging decision of his life to leave everything behind. To give up career, to abandon all that comforts,  luxuries, name, fame and the image. Very few people have such courage and  determination.

If you were following his writings, interviews and speeches one thing he always made it clear that ‘Good and Capable’ people should join politics to bring ‘Change’ in the country.  ‘Change’ here means, change of prosperity and change of development. Not only change in principle. We have had enough of all these ideological  changes; from ‘Prajatantra’ to ‘Ganatantra’ and ‘Loktantra’. We have seen that all.


Rabindra Mishra is one of the greatest things that is happening in Nepali politics. Not because his party will bring wonders with magic stick but some genuine people also will also be interested in politics. We need more of Rabindra Misrhras who can break the barrier of Nepali politics. Nepali people dying for ‘real change’ will welcome more of such aspiring politicians who can inspire capable, honest and educated youth to join the politics and give some hope to the nation.  It is high time we get out of this old rotten system run by same old political parties and their selfish leaders who have done nothing but only looted nation.  The difference between old traditional politicians and Mishra is that, they came here to make career out of politics while honest people like Mishra quit lucrative job to bring change in Nepal risking everything what they have.

Rabindra Mishra, Co-ordinator of Bibeksheel Sajha Party (Photo Sudhira Shah)

Rabindra Mishra, Co-ordinator of Bibeksheel Sajha Party (Photo Sudhira Shah)


When country badly needed alternative political force then Mishra found ‘Sajha Party’ later merged with another alternative force ‘Bibeksheel Dal’ to become ‘Bibeksheel Sajha Party’. It is a win-win situation for both the sides and for country as a whole. ‘Bibeksheel‘ needed a charismatic leader who could lead from front while ‘Sajha Party’ could not ignore youth supporters of ‘Bibeksheel’ who have already established as rising alternative force.


Mr Mishra’s magical voice has won millions of  hearts while he was working for BBC Nepali Service.  Journalist, Practical Philanthropist, Writer, Actor and now Co-ordinator of ‘Bibeksheel Sajha Party’ has huge fan following who is also very active in social media. He has always stood for good governance, law and order and transparency. Even before joining politics he campaigned against corruption with simple yet very meaningful slogan  ‘Brashtacharai Lai Kira Paros’ (May the corrupts rot). He found ‘Help Nepal Network’ a charity organisation which helped millions of helpless Nepalis in education and health sector.

A very pleasing personality Mishra has power, passion and positivity in his speech and you can clearly see he is here for reason. The reason is to change, reason is to bring hope and reason is lay foundation of prosperous Nepal. The journey had to be started from somewhere and now it did with ‘Bibeksheel Sajha Party’.


by @hamalbi 


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