Image: Anup Kaphle, Facebook

Meet This Guy From Pokhara Who Is Now A ‘Senior World Editor’ At BuzzFeed

Pokhareli  guy Anup Kaphle joins American internet media company BuzzFeed as a ‘Senior World Editor’ after spending  more than five years at ‘The Washington Post’ as a ‘Digital Foreign Editor.’

Columbia University graduate, Kaphle, previously worked as an intern for the ‘Newsweek’ and ‘The Forbes’. He started his journalism career at ‘The Himalayan Times’ Kathmandu  Nepal as a reporting intern in 2003.


Image: Anup Kaphle, Facebook

Image: Anup Kaphle, Facebook


He writes on his facebook After an incredible 5½ years at The Washington Post, I’m leaving the newspaper to join BuzzFeed as a Senior World Editor. Although I’m sad to leave an institution that has helped me grow tremendously as a journalist, I leave here very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest reporters and editors in the world. More specifically, the last four years working at the foreign desk have been the most exciting and rewarding experience of my life.

International reporting is evolving and so is the foreign desk. As our industry experiments by blending traditional reporting with emerging digital trends, the need to constantly rethink how to provide information to a global audience has never been more urgent.

I’m very excited about working for BuzzFeed, which has been doing a lot of that rethinking and experimenting, as we collectively try to figure out a formula for engaging ways to tell stories in a constantly evolving digital world. As BuzzFeed continues to build a robust news operation, I feel incredibly lucky to be able play a role in expanding its readership.’




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