Why People Love To Hate Rishi Dhamala? Janata Janna Chahanchha

Rishi Dhamala needs no introduction. He has such an appearance that some people just get irritated by his looks while others cant digest his never ending talks on TV. Truth to be told, you can love him or hate but definitely you can’t ignore him. Why whole country is so much concerned about this man? Let’s find out.

Rishi Dhamala on his show 'Dhamalako Hamala'

Rishi Dhamala on his show ‘Dhamalako Hamala’


1 He is different, very different. No doubt about that.

2 Most of the times, he has no clue how stupid he sounds but that is his selling point. We laugh at his stupidity.

3 He is very hard working, that keeps him going this far.

4 He has one quality which many of us may lack. Consistency.

5 He can get any guest in his show. People die to come to his show. No matter what they say after interview but they know people watch his interview.

6 As the saying goes ‘little knowledge is dangerous thing’ but he loves his little knowledge, which makes his shows entertaining (of course not meaningful). But people know what to expect from his show,  they watch it to have fun. I do that.

7 He has that amazing interpersonal skills which people envy.

8 He loves to be on camera, everytime, everywhere.

9 People say he has no skills, not formal education and not the personality to be what he is today. That is the reason some people love about him. How did he manage to come here despite all the flaws?

10 He has very strong back ups. You know what we are talking about.

11 He is everywhere on TV, in Radio, on Newspapers. Literally everywhere.

11 He is very creative, knows what sells in media. Brings right speakers on right time in his ‘Reporters Club’.

12 As mentioned above, he is very hard working, focused and consistent. He keeps doing what he thinks is good. He is consistently in same struggle for very very long time that shows his commitment. Probably he knows what people think about him but seems it makes no difference to him.

Go Dhamala Go 😛

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