10 Interesting Google Search Suggestions About Nepal

Google knows everything. Even before we type our question, it comes up with many suggestions which is based on previous search records and its popularity. So here we decided to see what Google suggests about Nepal and Nepalese searches. Some are really hilarious though 🙂     1 Why Nepal […]

Probably this is asked quite often why do people of one country fight for other

A Nepali preparing food in Norway (Photo dongcinjesus.blogspot)

Bidesh Jana Lagya? Learn These 11 Basic Life Saving Skills

Got your visa stamped and super excited to begin your much-awaited new life abroad? Congratulations!! But your all excitement and expectations may not meet when you land in your dreamland. It can be hard, tough and challenging  in first few months or even years. However your life can be much […]

Kusum Shretha better known as beautiful Tarkariwali (Photos: Facebook, Rupcharnda Maharjan)

Here Is More To Kusum Shrestha, Better Known As Beautiful Tarkariwali From Nepal 1 comment

Nepal’s vegetable seller girl #Tarkariwali has gone really viral. Two photos taken by Mr Rupchandra Maharjan are taking over social media.  We contacted  photographer Maharjan who  had friendly chat with her and of course took permission before clicking the pictures. He  randomly clicked those photos. He never thought those photos […]

Here Comes Beautiful ‘Tarkariwali’ From Nepal 1 comment

Rupchandra Maharjan captured some pictures of a young Nepalese lady carrying green vegetables and selling in local market. The photo of young #Tarkariwali (Vegetable seller)  has already gone viral in Nepali social media. Just few weeks back a Pakistani Chaiwala’s life changed while his photo went viral, let’s see how […]

Photo Rupchandra Maharjan FB

Meet These Creative Minds Behind Nepal’s Funny Facebook Pages

We love people who make us laugh because laughter is and will be the best form of therapy. But to make someone laugh is not an easy act. One needs to be funny, creative and sometimes crazy. These days, social media have made things bit easier as we can find […]

Meme Nepal

17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bipul Chettri 1 comment

Bipul Chettri needs no introduction who magically blends Nepali folk music with contemporary western elements.  His beautiful songs already touched millions of hearts and souls around the world  effortlessly.  Let’s  know more about him   1 Bipul Chettri was born and raised in Kalimpong, Darjeeling  in West Bengal India who went […]