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Our Own News: BuzzFeed Bought GundrukPost For Rs 2.3 Million 1 comment

buzzfeed gundrukpost

One of the giant internet media companies; BuzFeed acquired Nepalese entertainment blog GundrukPost for Rs 2.3 million. GundrukPost attracted hundreds and thousands of readers in very short span of time. Seeing its popularity many global online medias showed keen interest to acquire it to make right entry in Nepal’s growing market. Earlier Gundrukpost rejected Rs 1.5 million offer made by Huffington Post followed by another offer of  Rs 2 million from Mashable.  Finally, GundrukPost’s blogger and BuzzFeed’s founder editor Jonah Peretti signed a deal yesterday in BuzzFeed’s headquarters New York.

GundrukPost’s founder blogger shared he had hard time explaining the meaning of its name ‘Gundruk’ to BuzzFeed team which  is a popular food in Nepal made up of fermented leafy green vegetables.














































Happy April 1st day 🙂

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