Nepal’s Incredible 10-Year Journey From WCL Division Five To ODI Status

Nepal finally is an ODI nation  after competing for 10 years in ICC World Cricket League (WCL) tournaments. Here we look at Nepal’s incredible journey from WCL division five in Malaysia to World Cup Qualifier 2018 Zimbabwe.


1. WCL DIVISION FIVE, JERSEY UK 2008: Nepal Finished Third And Remained In Division Five 🙁

Participants 12 teams: Nepal, Afghanistan, Malaysia, USA, Jersey, Singapore, Botswana, Germany, Mozambique, Japan, Bahamas, Vanuatu

ICC WCL Division Five 2008, Photo Youtube



2 WCL DIVISION FIVE, NEPAL 2010: Champions Promoted to Division Four 😉

Participants: Nepal, USA, Singapore, Bahrain, Fiji, Jersey

Nepal defeated USA in front of thousands of home crowd in Kathmandu to win WCL Div Trophy in 2010. (Photo EPN Cricinfo)


3 WCL DIVISION FOUR, ITALY 2010: Finished Third To Remain Division Four ;(

Participants: Nepal, USA, Italy, Tanzania, Cayman Islands, Argentina

Nepal’s 9-run defeat to Tanzania cost a lot in Italy 2010 Division Four. In picture Nepal and Italy captain (Photo myrepublica)


4 WCL DIVISION FOUR, MALAYSIA 2012, Champions, Promoted to Division Three 😉

Participant: Nepal, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Denmark, Tanzania

Nepal moved to division three after undefeated run in division four in Malaysia 2012



5 WCL DIVISION THREE, BERMUDA 2013, Champions, Promoted to Division Two/ World Cup Qualifier 🙂

Participants: Nepal, Uganda, Bermuda, USA, Oman, Italy

Nepali fans at Bermuda cheering team Nepal who finished as champions


6 WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS 2014 NEW ZEALAND: Finished Ninth (9/10), Relegated to Division Three and Missed Chance Of having ODI Status For Four Years ;(

Participants: Nepal, Netherlands, Kenya, Hong Kong, Scotland, UAE, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Uganda, Canada

Disappointing performance from Nepal who finished 9/10 in WCQ 2014 New Zealand


7. WCL DIVISION THREE, 2014 MALAYSIA: Champions, Promoted To Division Two 🙂

Participants: Nepal, Uganda, Singapore, Malaysia, Bermuda, USA

Back again, Nepal promoted to Division two and Nepal’s Basanta Regmi finished with highest wicket taking bowler (14) in tournamet. (Photo ICC)


8. WCL DIVISION TWO, 2015 NAMIBIA : Finished 4th, Qualified For World Cricket League Championship 😉

Participants: Nepal, Netherlands, Canada, Kenya, Malaysia, Uganda

Nepal finish fourth but captain Paras Khadka was awarded ‘Player of the series’


9. WORLD CRICKET LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP 2015-17: Finished 7/8,  Relegated To Division Two, Miss Out On Direct Qualification For Global World Cup Qualifiers 🙁

Participants: Nepal, Netherlands, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, UAE, Namibia, Scotland

Nepal performed poorly in 8-team WCL Championship (Photo Cricket Europe)


10. WCL DIVISION TWO 2018 NAMIBIA: First Runner Up, Back To World Cup Qualifiers 😉

Participants: Nepal, Canada, UAE, Namibia, Kenya, Oman

And this unbelievable moment in Nepali cricket by Karan KC (Photo ESPNcricinfo)


11 WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS 2018 ZIMBABWE: Qualified For 7/8 Play Off And Gain ODI Status Till 2022 🙂

ODI Nation Till 2022



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