Why We Nepalis Are Emotionally Carried Away So Quickly? Kanchan Sharma’s Case 3 comments

A Nepali woman Kanchan Sharma’s emotional interview has gone viral on the internet who claimed to be abandoned by her rich husband because of her looks as he started progressing in life. She said  her two sons did not  even  speak a word when they passed on private vehicle as she was living on the same streets for last 7 years. It indeed is a very painful story of a mother and wife. However, there are other sides of untold story. Probably we viewers and presenter Suman Kharel would have done bit more before judging others.

Kanchan Sharma Regmi


Once this interview was aired on Kantipur TV’s program ‘Suman Sanga’ it was shared all over social media. We Nepalis are very emotional and get carried away so quickly, hence everyone started attacking her husband and kids. There were hundreds of ‘Trolls and Memes’ with her husband’s and sons pictures already defaming them. Everyone was trying to look morally good by blaming her family as if you were a God and not done anything wrong in life.  Interesting fact is we don’t even know anything about their side of story, probably not even a name. Here we all are assuming that everything she said is 100% fact and we Nepalis are always good on social media, we want to look good, sound good morally and ethically. We love to be loud, rude and uncivilised on social media by attacking each other; be it on twitter, facebook, or youtube. We make hero of no reason and so do we create villains.

Presenter Suman Kharel was not right doing only one sided story but at the same time, the viewers also equally share the responsibility.  It is a sad story but in every society not all the relationships have a happy ending. Some relationship and families are broken everywhere and it needs ‘two to tango’. There are many cases when wife leaves husband with kids and vice-versa. But those who care don’t end up in the streets, they stay strong and fight for life. We all are sympathetic for Kanchan Sharma Regmi because she was weak, because she had nowhere to go? She claimed to have Bachelor’s degree from PK Campus and even a professional certificate (Nursing) with 4 years of working experience. So who is responsible for her current situation? You can’t just blame others for your weakness. Nobody just leaves you just like that there must be something between herself and husband and she is definitely not going reveal herself.


There are so many things to get answered before we pour our heart for her.  The things she claimed on interview need to be checked. Were they already divorced 5 years ago? Does her husband own a car as calimed by her? Was she alcoholic? Let’s wait and hear from her husband’s side who is coming to media soon before we judge anyone else. In the meantime, go through this wonderful article by Mysansar on this case. Our best wishes to Mrs Kanchan Sharma for happy life ahead.

Updated: Here is interview of Mr Mohan Regmi (ex-husband of Kanchan Sharma)

A request from her husband Mohan Regmi

A request from her husband Mohan Regmi


Other side of the story as claimed by facebook user

Other side of the story as claimed by facebook user

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3 thoughts on “Why We Nepalis Are Emotionally Carried Away So Quickly? Kanchan Sharma’s Case

  • Nistu

    My opinion regarding the case after hearing both side story… The husband did not give a dime to the wife following divorce? Wife drunk hos ya mentally retarded. She has certain rights!!! She was there during his struggles. she raised his family. KAAM se kaam chuttine bela tesko dherai thor respect ta dekhaunu parcha. I want to hear from no one but that divorce lawyer. It should be investigated and if there was misuse of power.. Every one involved should b prosecuted!!!!

    • Aavash

      You are so retarded! He tried to live with her but her character cannot make him to do so. Kasto manxe tapai . Yedi yesto usko husband le gareko bhaye ta kasto nalayak manxe, kanchan le pahile nai divorce dinu parthyo bhanu hunthyo hola