The Best 24 Ideas And Winners Of NCell Mobile App Camp 2014

Nation’s biggest app development competition was started by NCell, few months ago. Initially 150 teams were selected and were provided the opportunity to take part in various capacity building seminars and trainings.The grand finale of the event was held today in hotel Soaltee where 24 finalists were selected, 6 in each category or theme (agriculture, corporate solutions, education and tourism). In the finale, each team was provided 10 minutes to pitch their final refined ideas including the business model. One team from each category was chosen as winner and a grand winner was selected who scored highest score among all others. Each category winner was awarded with cash prize of Rs 250K and the overall winner received additional Rs 500K and won a chance to represent Nepal in the International Application Conference in 2015Below we present the top four winners and twenty other finalists along with their ideas and service concept.


NCell app camp Grand Winner: ICT for Agriculture

NCell app camp Grand Winner: ICT for Agriculture. courtesy: ujyaloonline


Grand Winner and Thematic Winner under Agriculture Category: ICT for Agriculture

This is a service to assist farmers to get various information like crop and animal diseases, fertilizer requirements, market information and weather forecasts. It will also connect farmers directly with experts, traders and agriculture extension agencies, so that they can inquire about farm management and possible market.


Thematic Winner under Corporate Solutions Category: Opinio

Developed by a team called SentiNep, analyses the sentiments and opinions of people in the web (social medias, blogs and news portal) and categorizes them into positive, negative and neutral comments. This will help businesses to know and understand what their customers are talking about and what are their opinion and reactions on the business products.

Thematic winner under Education Category: Riti-Riwaj

A mobile platform that can be used to get information about Nepali culture, history, traditions and also scientific reasons behind some traditional procedures. It also updates users with all the cultural occasions within the Nepali calendar. With this app, one can also purchase all the necessary items for any traditional activities.

Thematic winner under Tourism Category: Lipi (The Script)

A service for tourists to help them decipher texts or signboards in Devanagari. One can simply take picture with the app, which will be turned into text in a language of the users’s choice.

Other Finalist under Tourism Category:

Yellow Nepal: A location based social, mobile, local search service for restaurants, food menu, food deals in Nepal.

HireAguide: An app that will help tourism industry in catering individual tourist’s needs. It will help tourist find the perfect guide to their destination, guide will be able to make their profile in the app and get viewed by tourist.

Homestay Nepal: An app that will build linkage between host and guest in home stay even before they meet each other.

Nepflights: One stop real time domestic flight booking and ticketing application for promoting accessible tourism in Nepal.

Tourist Talk: Provide a platform for the tourists to translate written English text to Nepali text and voice.


Other Finalists under Corporate Category:

Apps Jhola: An apps market place for android users and developers in Nepal

Cabby: A service that will help passengers to locate and call taxi nearby.

Drupartment: An app that will help people to find out the accommodation or tenant as per their requirement

Eagle School Bus: An app built for tracking school bus and beneficial to parents in tracking their child. Also helps school to manage daily bus system.

QOD/Bhancha: This is an app that allows amateur cooks — especially housewives — to make food in their own kitchens and sell it from their doorstep to busy office workers who want to buy healthy homemade food.

Other Finalist under Agriculture Category:

Care Crop: An apps that will help farmers to take advice from agro experts on their crop nutrient deficiencies.

Creative Mind: A service to helps people to find out and compare the price of agriculture products in main cities with graphs.

Creatu Developers I: Farmer’s market intelligence apps to provide service about weather forecast and price bidding.

Sathi: An app which will enables farmer to germinate seed, transfer and grow plant, harvest as food/product etc.

The Revolution: An app that will bridge the gap between farmers and consumers through mobile application. This service will provide the consumers (buyers) direct access to the many producers (sellers).User will get regular update of the price of the agricultural products from different places around them.

Other Finalist under Education Category:

Group of Innovative Developers: Smart student attendance system using mobile application and cloud technology. An app to track student’s attendance record, develop lesson plan etc.

Team Xaverian: Provides institution with an easy way to notify students, parents & staffs about the exams, events, holidays and urgent news/notices. This mobile app combines the prospectus with calendar and provides an easy way to tell parents and guardians everything they need to know about the institution.

Special Forces: An educational app that allows/facilitates youths (mainly students) to overcome the necessity to buy expensive books (to a great extent) and also expands the accessibility to a number and varieties of books by creating an online exchange platform for books.

Mero Answer: A web and android based platform to help students prepare exam in a better way.

Leazies: The app creates a comprehensive timeline on any topic searched by the user, by gathering the information from authentic sources (Wikipedia, News Articles, official tweets etc.) available throughout the web.


By Naveena D, Sources: Ncell app camp official website, aakarpost

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