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It was just another day at Kathmandu, Aayush a 11th grade student went to college but was sent back by college administration for not having a haircut. That day he came back home, started ranting about some facebook status, made a video and uploaded on Youtube. Surprisingly, the video went viral which was his first step of becoming a YouTuber.


After just little over 2 years of that video, now he has 4.6 million+ views on his channel with 35K subscribers on YouTube. Probably he is country’s highest subscribed creative youtuber. Besides that, 46K followers on facebook and 20K on instagram show the popularity of this charming teenager. Inspired by American youtuber Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) and Nepalese director Nishchal Basnet, he often watches his favourtie channels,  Prankster Revival, Gdiipa, etc.

Aayush Rimal

Aayush Rimal


His videos are funny, creative, contextual and interesting. Moreover, he does a fantastic job of poking fun of current subjects related to Nepal and Nepalese society. Normally, for him it takes a week or two to complete a few minutes video from script writing, rewriting, shooting, editing and finally uploading it. He  remembers many sleepless nights he spent for his work. That’s the hard work and dedication behind those funny videos which made him stand out in crowd.

Unlike other global professional youtubers he only makes pocket money out his hard work and passion but he is quite happy with it. Originally from Biratnagar and brought up in Kathmandu now he lives with parents in Texas. He is a freshman in college majoring audio/video production.

He is grateful to all the viewers and fans who encourage him, also to the critics who helped him improve better. He thinks he still has a lot to do for Nepal through Youtube. He is working with Arjun Subedi and team on a web series which will be coming up soon on YouTube.




All the best Aayush ! Keep uploading more videos!!


Article based on  ‘GundrukPost In Conversation With Aayush’

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