‘Ghiraula Ko Tarkari’? Oh Please, Not Again!

I have  very special connection with ‘Ghiraula’ (Sponge Gourd) which reminds me of my childhood. There were times when we used to have its curry with rice, with roti; sometimes dry and other times ‘Jhol Haleko‘. Trust me, in whichever you make it, one thing was certain; it was absolutely tasteless. It used to grow without any boundary in our front yard, backyard and everywhere. We had it in morning, in afternoon and of course in the evening. Not one day, not two days but for almost a season unless it stopped growing 🙁

Long and tiny 'Ghiruala' (Photo http://receipesnmore.blogspot.co.uk

Long and tiny ‘Ghiruala’ (Photo http://receipesnmore.blogspot.co.uk


The only wish then I had was not to eat ‘Ghiraulako Tarkari‘ one more time. That was our Dal, Tarkari, Achar And Chatni. One good thing I liked about it though was its ‘Jalo’ that we used while taking bath.


When it was not enough, whenever we used to visit our relatives or friends’ house they would serve us again same dish ‘Bhat ra Ghiraula ko tarkari’. At one point of time, I was so fed up with this dish that I was happier staying starving than having this tasteless item.


I am happy that I don’t have to eat ‘Ghiraula ko Tarkari’ these days. However it does not mean that I am proud and I am having ‘Ghiraula Ko Jatro Naak’ 😛

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