Vijay Kumar Pandey book Khushi

Vijay Kumar Pandey, one of the most dominant figures in Nepalese media is coming out with his debut book ‘Khushi‘ on 12 September which will be published by  Fine print publications. Vijay Kumar, a television programme presenter,  a columnist, a writer who  was also the founding editor of Nepal magazine runs country’s most watched talk show programme ‘Dishanirdesh’. Here we present our 5 reasons why should we read his autobiography.

1 Transformation From Arrogant, Hypocrite Journalist to Spiritual Man

If you have followed his programmes closely for long time you can see a remarkable transformation in his personality. From a hypocrite, arrogant journalist to soft and spiritual  human being. His quest for materialistic success in the initial phase and now seeking of ultimate truth. This very important transformation will definitely be an interesting read.

2 Highest Paid Writer in Limited Nepalese Book Market

Nepal has a very limited book market. Moreover, the limited readers do not have the habit to spend on books rather they love to borrow. Good news is its gradually changing. The writers are slowly becoming semiprofessionals and getting paid back. In such scenario, Vijay Kumar is said to be paid around Rs 1 million for the book which probably itself is a record in Nepalese literature. Publishers are here not only to uplift the literature but also to make some money. We should understand there must be something special with him otherwise why would they spend so much on him? Let’s read the most expensive book. Probably, it will be worth its price.

3 Interesting Personality

He is a very interesting personality who leads a colorful life. He had been in close contacts or interviewed most of A1  personalities of nation from Narayan Gopal, Manmohan Adhikari, Girija Prasad Koirala, Binod Chaudhary, Rajesh Hamal, Gopal Yonjan, Krishna Prasad Bhattrai, Neer Shah,  Khagendra Sangraula etc. No doubt, he will be sharing some exciting anecdotes with them. And he is also married to a film actress Sushma Sahi. Let’s not forget, interesting persons make interesting books.

4 Living Legend in Nepalese Media

Undoubtedly, he is a very good writer that makes a valid reason to read his book. Besides he is a tall figure in Nepalese media having years of experiences from Nepal Television days to Kantipur.

5 Dishanirdesh.

The name is enough

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  • niranjan Singh Basnet

    One of my friend had a good comment about Khusi.So I started reading.Very much interesting and written in simple way..I finished 90 pages in one sitting.Rest will complete on next saturday.In the page 90,he has mentioned about a poem.Irrespective of the fact that who was the poet,poem itself is great.Bur just for informaton i would like to share if I am not wrong,the poet was Saheer Ludhianvi not Dr.Bachan.

  • Bhim Prasad Nyopane

    That’s nice creation by Bijay kumar Pandey sir …………….
    Thanks a lot Bijay sir for your Khusi ……… nice to read your book there are most of thing which i have never heard ….the one thing which you have mention in this book is ( not today) helps me in some of my activity….and your book give me think about positive thinking about our life……………again thanks a lot for your creation……….