Ten Writing Tips From Nepal’s Bestselling Author Buddhisagar

Nepal’s bestselling writer of modern era Buddhisagar needs no introduction. Author of two much-loved novels ‘Karnali Blues’ and ‘Phirphire’ shares some great writing tips to upcoming writers. Writing can be fun but it is not an easy job that is why Ernest Hemingway rightly said ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is […]

Why Rabindra Mishra Matters So Much To Nepal?

First of all, grand salute to Rabindra Mishra who took this very bold step to join Nepali politics. Probably, it could have been the most challenging decision of his life to leave everything behind. To give up career, to abandon all that comforts,  luxuries, name, fame and the image. Very […]

Safety Alert To Nepali Citizens Travelling To USA

Thousands of Nepali live and work permanently in the USA. Similarly significant amount of Nepalis travel there every year. ‘The land of opportunity’ is safe and civilised society. However, recent natural disasters like hurricane, hailstorms and tornadoes have been very unfortunate. Likewise recent fatal shooting at Las Vegas and other gun- […]

‘Ghiraula Ko Tarkari’? Oh Please, Not Again!

I have  very special connection with ‘Ghiraula’ (Sponge Gourd) which reminds me of my childhood. There were times when we used to have its curry with rice, with roti; sometimes dry and other times ‘Jhol Haleko‘. Trust me, in whichever you make it, one thing was certain; it was absolutely […]

5 Myths About PhD In Nepal

Growing up in Nepal I once thought getting PhD (Doctor Of Philosophy) was the biggest achievement one can ever have.  The respect and importance PhD holders get in Nepali society is so much that it makes you think they are from different planet.  Most of the times, we glorify them […]