Here Comes Beautiful ‘Tarkariwali’ From Nepal 1 comment

Rupchandra Maharjan captured some pictures of a young Nepalese lady carrying green vegetables and selling in local market. The photo of young #Tarkariwali (Vegetable seller)  has already gone viral in Nepali social media. Just few weeks back a Pakistani Chaiwala’s life changed while his photo went viral, let’s see how […]

Image: Anup Kaphle, Facebook

Meet This Guy From Pokhara Who Is Now A ‘Senior World Editor’ At BuzzFeed

Pokhareli  guy Anup Kaphle joins American internet media company BuzzFeed as a ‘Senior World Editor’ after spending  more than five years at ‘The Washington Post’ as a ‘Digital Foreign Editor.’ Columbia University graduate, Kaphle, previously worked as an intern for the ‘Newsweek’ and ‘The Forbes’. He started his journalism career […]