Highest Rated 10 Nepali Movies On IMDB

Which Nepali movies are best rated on world’s largest internet movie database IMDB? Here we present those 10 movies*.   10 SANO SANSAR, 7.1/10  Romance, Drama 2008   9 WHITE SUN 7.1/10, Drama, Adventure 2017   8 KAGBENI 7.2/10, Drama, Horror 2008   7 KALO POTHI 7.2/10 Drama, 2015   6 JHOLA 7.4/10, Drama, […]

Himalaya Roadies: Way Better Than Expected

‘Himalaya Roadies’ a very different reality TV show from regular singing and dancing competitions  has hit Nepal’s TV screen.  As  ‘MTV Roadies’ is already quite popular in Nepal, this is a good news for Nepalese adventurous youths who want to watch or explore other side of youths of their own […]