Bipul Chettri Was Not Born When Ganga Bardan Recorded ‘Kaha Ma Katyo’ 38 Years Ago In Radio Nepal

Bipul Chettri is one of the greatest discoveries of Nepali folk classical music who won million of hearts with his soothing music. I have been his huge fan since the day I listened to his ‘Dadhelo’ two years ago.  I listen to his music so much so that I know every single word of all his songs. As a blogger I also wrote about him a few months ago ‘17 Things Probably You Did Not Know About Bipul Chettri.’



Ganga Bardan and Bipul Chettri

Of late, his one of the greatest hits ‘Kaha ma katyo’ is creating controversy in media. I personally heard this song in my school days in radio by Ganga Bardan. When I wrote Bipul’s article last time I wanted to raise the subject but I thought it will create unnecessary controversy so I just left it out.  I was little biased when I published the article as I really did not want my favourite singer to fall in unnecessary controversy. But now it is all over media and Bipul himself has come out to address the issue. He also removed the song from his official YouTube channel.

There is no doubt that ‘Kaha ma Katyo’ is a folk traditional song probably sung by many artists in old days.  So far its recorded version is found only by Ganga Bardan, it was recorded so long that probably Bipul was not even born then.  According to Mr Bardan he recorded it almost 4 decades ago and said it can be found in Radio Nepal’s record if proof is needed. Mr Bardan, a prominent folk singer from Eastern Nepal may not be as popular as Bipul Chettri these days but is a legend especially in Dharan who recorded beautiful songs like ‘Chhapanile chham chham’ ‘Bajarai bharauna Dharane’.

Two sides of story:

Ganga Bardan On ‘Kaha Ma Katyo’

I recorded ‘Kaha ma katyo’ in Radio Nepal in 1978 (2035) 39 years ago on my own music, lyrics and voice. Later it was released by Ranjana cassette in 2055 BS. I have never heard from Bipul Chettri about this issue. I came to know  about the song when my wife told me. I tried to contact him by phone but in vain. I hope one day we will meet.

Bipul Chettri On ‘Kaha Ma Katyo’

‘To start with, I have to mention that this song ‘Kaha Ma Katyo, was one of the first Nepali songs that I ever heard as a child, and one which introduced and got me hooked to Nepali folk music so I have the deepest sense of respect towards it. As far as I am aware, I have been informed by various senior musicians over the years while I was growing up that this song was a traditional folk song, sung by various different people over time. So that is what I also have sincerely believed till date. If you cared to read the Description page on the YouTube videos, it has been clearly mentioned there as well.

I have never claimed this song to be mine and never will, nor have I have recorded this song in a studio and released it in the market for sale. I have only sung this song on stage and have uploaded the live cover version of it, which I do not think is illegal, unless the sole rightful owner has submitted a copyright claim on YouTube, which no one has done so in the past two years of the video being uploaded. We have also never received any phone calls, emails or any form of written communication from anyone till date claiming it to be solely theirs either.

Since Mr. Bardan has now claimed a dispute to us uploading a cover song, we would like to verify his claim and if it is indeed his original composition, we will willfully and gladly give Mr. Bardan due credit on it as we must for all original music. We have absolutely no problem in deleting the said cover video either if he so wishes.

I also sincerely wish your news portal as a responsible media house had at least asked us for our side of the story as well before putting this up on your page so that people had a fair understanding of the background.

As a side note, this song was sung as an ode to our rich folk tradition of Nepali music, which all of us love so dearly, so let’s try nurture and protect it from vanishing forever. (From Bipul’s Facebook)


Despite row over this song, both of these are amazing artists, let’s forget this debate and enjoy the beautiful songs.

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