A Rare Book That Tells Stories Of Nepali Dreams And Struggles From ‘Far And Away’ Australia

Sudhira Shah, a photo journalist once used to work with Nepal’s leading newspapers ‘Kantipur’ and ‘The Kathmandu Post’ whose photo also won many awards. Currently she lives with her family in Australia. She decided to connect her Janmathalo (Nepal) and Karmathalo (Australia) in a very interesting way; through her camera.

It all started 3 years ago in Adelaide, she teamed up with academic and journalist Yogendra Bista to publish a pictorial book about Nepalese living in Australia. Nepalese community is growing bigger and bigger and its great that Sudhira Shah decided to reflect their stories.


Photos; Sudhira Shah, and Sydney Campus aie.edu.au


This 496-page bulky book ‘Far And Away Nepali Families In Australia’ tells Australian dreams of 466 Nepalese families from different walks of life living across all states and territories of Australia. The book contains family portraits and the biographies of each family.

A happy Nepali family in Australia (Photo Sudhira Shah)

A happy Nepali family in Australia (Photo Sudhira Shah)

Yogendra Bista penned down their struggles, hopes and new lives of each family in about 220 words while Kantipur’s head designer Raju Babu Shakya helped in layout and designing.  The book itself will be a treasure in years to come as it will definitely help in maintaining the lively record of Nepalese Australian history for the coming generations

The book can be bought online here.  All the very best to Sudhira and team


The book 'Far and Away, Nepali Families in Australia' will be launched on 11 September

The book ‘Far and Away, Nepali Families in Australia’ will be launched on 11 September

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