28 Practical Reasons Your Dear Friend Can Not Send iPhone From Abroad

There are many valid reasons why your dear Nepali friend living abroad can not present you a fancy iphone. There could be more than 100 reasons but we decided to limit to 28.



Pic bitrebels.com

Pic bitrebels.com


1 Because iphone is expensive, very very expensive.


2 Because your dear friend is still struggling to pay instalment of iphone s/he bought last year.


3 Because your dear friend does not work at apple.


4 Because your dear friend has to support his/her family back home in Nepal.


5 Because you would be surprised to know how much your friend will be left with after paying mortgage/bills.


6 Because your dear friend is not going to pick up money from tree.


7 Because your dear friend is sharing a room with three other people.


8 Because your dear friend is a student, struggling hard to survive with part time job.


9 Because iphones are not found on the street.


10 Because with the price of iphone s/he can get tickets to home and see his/her missing family and YOU.


11 Because your dear friend thinks there are bigger priorities in life than having iphone.


12 Because your dear friend is living on credit cards.


13 Because your dear friend is riding crappy old car that costs less than iphone.


14 Because you did not care to reply his/her message when s/he was in Nepal last time.


15 Probably, your dear friend can live for a month with that money.


16 Because its been 3 years your dear friend has not been on holiday.


17 Because iphones are overrated.


pic imore.com

pic imore.com



18  Because your dear friend has only 5 dollars in account. Trust me, it can be.


19  Because that’s saving of two months, provided your dear friend is good at saving money.


20 Because life abroad is NOT as rosy as it sounds which probably you wont understand unless you practically experience.


21 Perhaps your dear friend thinks s/he could send you better and more useful gift than iPhone.


22 Because you could still be alive without using iPhone



23 Because as a true friend, s/he thinks you will understand his/her problems


24 Because your dear friend is struggling to pay tuition fee.


25 Because s/he is still dreaming to buy one.



26 Because s/he thinks, you two can still be good friends without that stuff; iPhone.


27 Because your phone is working perfectly fine.


28 Who knows your dear friend has secretly bought a brand new iPhone for you.




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