Absolutely Amazing As Bipul Chettri & Ganga Bardan Jammed Up Together For ‘Kaha Ma Katyo’

It is great news for Bipul Chettri and Ganga Bardan’s fans who desperately wanted the misunderstanding¬†over beautiful song ‘Kaha ma katyo’ to be over. Bipul Chetrri posted a heartfelt status sharing a photo with Ganga Bardan where he writes,¬†‘With the one and only Ganga dai. Lovely meeting up with him and sharing stories about his trips to Kalimpong and discussing folk music. We also got to hear one of his tunes which he had written about our hometown as well as the story behind his song Kaha ma Katyo.’

Ganga Bardan and Bipul Chettri (Photo Facebook Bipul Chettri)

Ganga Bardan and Bipul Chettri (Photo Facebook Bipul Chettri)

Later Bipul shared a video on instagram where both singers seem happily jamming up in their favourite number; of course ‘Kaha ma katyo’

This was one beautiful way clear misunderstanding. Truly impressive!

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