2018 New Rules Explained: How Much Gold Can You Smuggle Into Nepal Legally?

Department of Customs, Nepal Government has new rules regarding the quantity of gold to be brought into Nepal from foreign country for personal use.  As of 2018 July, a Nepali citizen can carry up to 100 grams (Roughly 10 tola) gold. The rules are as follows.

  • Total of 50 grams gold jewellery can be brought tax free. (No Raw gold can be brought tax free)
  • Any raw gold will be taxed. First 50 grams raw gold taxed Rs 5,200 per 10 grams, remaining 50 grams will be taxed Rs 6,200 per 10 grams.


Please Note: You are only allowed to carry 100 grams. Out of that, it can be all raw gold or maximum 50 grams jewellery.

100 grams of raw gold can be brought in to Nepal for personal use.


To make things clear, let’s have a look on case scenario.

How much tax I have to pay if I bring 100 grams gold? 50 grams jewellery and 50 grams raw?

50 grams gold jewellery tax free, and first 50 grams raw gold taxed Rs 5200 x 5 = Rs 26,000 (Rs 5,200 per 10 grams)


How much do I have to pay if I bring 100 grams raw gold?

All the raw gold will be taxed so you will pay Rs 26,000 (Rs 5,200 x 5) for first 50 grams and Rs 31,000 (Rs 6,200 x 5) for remaining 50 grams. In total Rs 57,000 for 100 grams.


How about if I bring 40 grams jewellery and 60 grams raw gold?

40 grams raw gold jewelry , tax free. First 50 grams raw gold Rs 26,000 (5,200 x 5), remaining 10 grams (6,200 x 1)


What happens if I bring 70 grams jewellery and 30 grams raw gold?

This is illegal because you can only carry up to 50 grams jewellery.


What if I carry 80 grams raw gold and 30 grams jewellery?

This is illegal because it exceeds total quantity of 100 grams.


What if I carry 100 grams jewellery and pay all the taxes?

This is illegal because rules say you can only bring 50 grams jewellery.


Do I still have to pay tax if I bring 40 grams gold (30 grams jewellery and 10 grams raw gold)?

Yes, you sill have to pay tax for 10 grams raw gold because any raw gold is taxable.


How much gold can you bring into Nepal? Official abstract from Department of Customs wbesite as of 2018 July


These rules are as of 2018 July so please check official website for any changes.  If there is anything not clear please contact Customs department directly.


Department of Customs Official website  

Tripureshwor, Kathmandu Nepal

Phone no 00977 1 4259808

Email csd@customs.gov.np


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