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1 PRASHANT JHA, Associate Editor, Hindustan Times, India



Prashant Jha was columnist for ‘The Kathmandu Post’ and ‘Nepali Times’ and Nepal correspondent for Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ prior to his recent job at Hindustan Times. A JNU graduate journalist is also an author of the book ‘Battles of New Republic – A Contemporary History of Nepal’. Jha  is well-known as a keen observer of and commentator on Nepali political issues. Hindustan Times is second largest selling English daily in India.







2 SUGAM POKHAREL, Producer, CNN International



Sugam Pokharel was based in CNN’s headquarter Atlanta USA for four years before being assigned as CNN’s India Producer in 2014. He is responsible for CNN’s coverage in South Asia (except Pakistan). He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from University of Evansville. Some of his ground breaking stories on CNN are ‘Nepal’s organ trail: how traffickers steal kidneys’ and ‘India acid attack survivors pose for groundbreaking photo shoot’ among many others.







3 ANUP KAPHLE, Digital Foreign Editor, The Washington Post



Anup Kaphle is the ‘Digital Foreign Editor at The Washington Post where he oversees the newspapers’ world coverage on the web. Columbia University graduate previously worked as intern for the ‘Newsweek’ and ‘ Forbes’. He started his journalism career at ‘The Himalayan Times’ Kathmandu as a reporting intern in 2003.









4 SUMNIMA UDAS, Correspondent, CNN International New Delhi




Sumnima Udas is CNN International’s Delhi-based correspondent. Udas is responsible for covering key political, economic, social, environmental and general interest stories from India. She joined CNN as a news assistant in New York in 2001. She holds a Master’s Degree from Oxford University.  Previously she was a show producer in CNN’s Hong Kong bureau. She is rewarded with the Journalist of the Year award for the documentary on the high-profile Indian gang rapve which gave the global audience a different perspective.






5 NAVIN SINGH KHADKA, Environment Correspondent, BBC World Service



navin singh


Navin Singh Khadka is a BBC World Service environment correspondent, reporting in four languages for TV, radio and online. In his 20-year journalism career, he has worked with almost all English language newspapers in Nepal and is a columnist with ‘The Kathmandu Post.’ An international fellow on climate change journalism, he mainly focuses on climatic issues in the Himalayan region. He has broken several environment-related news, done a number of investigative stories and has authored chapters in two books on South Asia’s environment. Prior to his present position, he worked for BBC Nepali service.






6 SUBEL BHANDARI, Afghanistan & Pakistan Bureau Chief, Deutsche Presse Agentur DPA




Subel Bhandari is a  Kabul based journalist who heads  Afghanistan and Pakistan bureau for Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German News Agency). Before joining DPA in 2010 he was Nepal correspondent for AFP and also worked on various media in Nepal. He was founding editor of ‘The Week’ on Republica. He also worked for Wave Magazine, Hits FM, Y Magazine etc.







7 ABHA BHATTARAI, Retail, Hospitality and Banking Reporter, The Washington Post



Abha Bhattarai is a Nepali-American journalist  for The Washington Post, where she writes about business and economic issues. She has previously written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and the St. Petersburg Times.








8 SNIGDHA KOIRALA, Web Editor, The New York Times



Snighda Koirlala is a Web Editor at The New York Times. A graduate from Columbia Universty and Simon Freaser University joined NYT in 2007.










9 KAMANA SHRESTHA, Writer/Web Editor at WRNN-TV / Verizon FiOS 1 New Jersey



Kamana Shresta works as a web writer at FiOS1 News/WRNN-TV where she maintains New Jersey and Long Island websites. Along with the web editors she writes original content and breaking news stories, as well as copy edit text for both sites. Previously she worked with New York City News, Mott Haven Herald and Herald News.








10 KRISHNA POKHAREL, Correspondent at The Wall Street Journal

Krishna Pokharel WSJ


Kirshna Pokharel is Delhi based correspondent with The Wall Street Journal












11 SUBINA SHRESTHA, Nepal Correspondent for Al Jazeera












12 BINAJ GURUBACHARYA, Chief Correspondent for Associated Press (AP), Nepal Bureau

















13 DEEPAK ADHIKARI, Nepal Correspondent for Anadolu News Agency Turkey













14 GOPAL SHARMA, Nepal Correspondent for Reuters













15 PAAVAN MATHEMA, Nepal Correspondent for Agency France Press (AFP)














16 SHIRISH BALLAV PRADHAN, Nepal Correspondent for Press Trust of India (PTI)















17 PRATEEBHA TULADHAR, Nepal Correspondent for German News Agency (DPA)











18 DAMAKANT JAYSHI, The Hindu, Special Correspondent for Nepal

Damakant Jayshi.GundrukPost













19 SUNIL SHARMA, Photojournalist/Stringer for Xinhua China













20 BIKASH SANGRAULA, Freelancer/Correspondent for Kyodo News Japan














21 NAVESH CHITRAKAR, Photojournalist/Photographer with Reuters














22 PRAKASH MATHEMA, Photojournalist/Photographer with Agency France Press (AFP)












23 MANESH SHRESTHA, Freelancer/Stringer for CNN


24 NIRANJAN SHRESTHA, Photojournalist/Photographer with Associate Press (AP)
















25 ISHWAR RAUNIYAR, Stringer With The Guardian, Observer













26 NARENDRA SHRESTHA, Photojournalist with Euroepan Pressphoto Agency EPA












27 RAJNEESH BHANDARI, Freelancer/Multimedia Journalist













28 ANIL GIRI, Kathmandu Based Correspondent, Indo-American News Agency IANS

29 SHRISTI KAFLE,Kathmandu Based Correspondent, Xinhua News Agency

30 BIBEK BHANDARI,  Kathmandu Based Freelancer for The National UAE, SCMP China

31 PRATAP THAPA, Kathmandu Based Photojournalist for Xinhua China


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We included those journalists who work for international media and for foreign readers/viewers that is why BBC Nepali and other Nepali news portals from overseas are not mentioned here. Similarly, some big names who previously worked (not currently) for foreign media such as Yubaraj Ghimire, Dhurba Hari Adhikary, Kunda Dixit, Rabindra Mishra etc are not mentioned.


And our special thanks to the following journalists for their help to complete this article.

Deepak Adhikari, Anadolu News Kathmandu
Sugam Pokharel, CNN International, New Delhi
Rubeena Mahato, Nepali Times, Oxford University
Abha Bhattarai, Washington Post, DC
Sudhira Shah, Photojournalist, Sydney
Nabin Pokharel, Kantipur Correspondent, London
Navin Singh Khadka, BBC World Service, London

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