Bidesh Jana Lagya? Learn These 11 Basic Life Saving Skills

Got your visa stamped and super excited to begin your much-awaited new life abroad? Congratulations!! But your all excitement and expectations may not meet when you land in your dreamland. It can be hard, tough and challenging  in first few months or even years. However your life can be much easier if you learn these basic skills. These tips will definitely give you some hope. All the best!

A Nepali preparing food in Norway (Photo dongcinjesus.blogspot)

1 Learn To Cook

No matter wherever you go, you must eat. And when you are in abroad mostly you are all alone, or even if you are with family or friends everyone is occupied with their work/study. Its not like in Nepal that your mom makes you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remember you can’t afford to eat out always like in ‘Saili didi ko momo pasal in Nepal’. There are two options, either learn to cook or stay starving.


2 Happy Alone 

You will not be surrounded by family and friends. Most of the times you will be alone in new land struggling with yourself. Loneliness can kill you but that’s when your true struggle begins.


3 Be An Owl 

Life is expensive and getting first job is not easy. You never know when you will be lucky for your first job, probably you should start at midnight or 3 am in the morning. Learn the skills to be like an owl.


4 Leave Your Past Behind

Once you are in a new country you will start from the scratch, keep your past within yourself. Never boast among friends about what you did ‘Nepal ma maile yesto garthe, yeti kamauthe’ these will not at all help you. People are already tired of listening such stories of everyone. For God’s sake don’t irritate others by connecting yourself to your past achievements.


5 Playing Cards

If you don’t know how to play cards (especially marriage) you will be left alone among Nepalese friends. So this is very crucial skill to get socialise. Never played this before? No worries here is the lesson for you.


6 Learn To Ride Cycle

This can be very interesting as we Nepalis dream of riding car in chillo sadak but learning bike (cycle) is more important than riding a car. Bikes are safe, cheap, quick and they have many cycle lanes in abroad. If your visa is stamped and if you are not from Terai learn this right now. Then of course you can go for car driving 🙂


7 Importance Of Language

If you are in English speaking country you are lucky otherwise forget English and start learning the language. Trust me, sometimes that can take you further than university degree.


8  Learn to Loose Friends

Once you are in here, you will definitely loose your friends back home in Nepal. But don’t worry, you will realise who are your true friends.


9 Learn Swimming Skills

This is not only a life saving skill but also a great way to exercise and have fun. If you skipped schools to swim in rivers this is payback time. You will have great time enjoying in warm swimming pools 🙂


10 Driving Skills

Not that you can use your Nepalese driving licence straight away but it will give you some confidence before joining driving lessons.


11 Washing Dishes

This will not only help you in keeping your kitchen clean but amazingly can give your first job. Never underestimate any skill


Good Luck For Your New Life, This Is Time To Read Life Facts Only Nepalese Living Abroad Understand better


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