17 Radio Nepal Programs That Still Make Me Nostalgic



Those were the days when Radio Nepal used to be my best friend. I still remember we had one old ‘philips’ radio. From early morning to late night I kept the radio on. So much so that sometimes I even kept it on whole night. I had by hearted all the advert jingles from ‘taxi kun tyre chha yesma’ to ‘jhilke dai chha chhaina kandama’. Once in a while, I also tuned in to ‘Bibidh-Bharati‘ and ‘All India radio’ but none of those could beat Radio Nepal. Everytime I think of Radio Nepal, it took me back to those childhood days and made me nostalgic. Here I am sharing some of such programs.


‘Om jay shiva-shankar-shambho jay girijadhish….’ that Dharmik karyakram dhoon on early morning 🙂


1 Natak :The most awaited program on Saturday afternoon was ‘Sadhe Ek Bajeko Natak’. We used to stick to radio for whole drama, during which we were not even allowed to cough. Madandas Shrestha, Surbir Pandit are some names I can still remember.


2 Angrejima Samachar :The best thing about English news was we were informed about the time. Aath bajyo


3 Ghatana Ra Bichaar: Presenters used to shout in aggression, background music was even louder. This evening program after 7 pm news was quite popular . I remember Purushottam Dahal from the program.


4 Krishi Karyakram: Not a very big fan of this program but used to listen every now and then while doing homework in lazy evenings. Enjoyed some quick dramas there though.


5 Anurodh Sangit : Evergreen program on everyday afternoons. The songs which used to requested often and I remember  were jhaskera dukhchha, failiyo maya dubo sari, yestai rahechha yehako chalan, badaluko ghumtole, ma timro shahar chodi tadha, dherai din bho timro jhajahlko and of course those of Narayan Gopal and others. Listening these songs now remind of those days


6 Sangit Saugaat :I was a very big fan of Mira Acharya’s sumudhur awaj and her hosting style. I hardly missed her ‘Music Nepal ko Sangit Saugaat ‘ on Saturday morning 09:30 where she released new songs produced by Music Nepal.  It is so sad that she is no more with us. After many years only I came to know that she was wife of Hari Bansha Acharya.


7 Dipayalko Adhiktam Tapakram : The only thing I learnt from this weather forecast was the name of the major places such as Kathmandu, Dipayal, Surkhet, Pokhara, etc


8 Chautaari : This late evening program on Saturday was quite popular, especially the way host Pandav Sunuwar asked the participants ‘uuu tyo kunamaa galabandi layera basna daju kahabata aaunu bhayo kunni.’ Very sad that he too left us too early. RIP.


9 Newarima Samachar : We had to walk 20-30 minutes to school, on the way we passed through couple of houses where radio used to be played on high volume. Everytime we heard newarima samachar, we had to run because we were getting late for school. ‘Tho radio Nepal kha’


10 Chitralahar : Being a big fan of Nepali movies then, I eagerly waited for this Wednesday evening filmy program run by Jay Prakash Rijal. In second part of program they played popular filmy songs on ‘Mero man ko git’ segment’.


11 Rodi : One of the most entertaining programs run by Pandav Sunuwar, used to listen whenever possible.  And his signature dialogue ‘An ta srota brinda…………….’


12 Shaashtriya Sangit : Oh God! those used to be the longest 15 minutes. Sitarama…., tabalama……., tanpurama …….etc. And that was only time when I turned off radio.


13 Swadesh Gaanharu : Jaga Lamka chamka hey nauwjaan ho’ and ‘Himal phutnu parchha aandhi roknu parchha hami yuwa milepachhi aadi roknu parchha’ were my favourite


14 Gorakhkaali Giti Yatra: Run by ‘Komal Oli’ this was top ten countdown program on Saturday afternoon.


15 Din Pratidin : Was a big fan of this comedy drama and the music that played ‘dhyantaanggggggg dhyantaang Din-Pratidin. Govinda Singh Rawat made us laugh. Tuesday evening used to be great fun.’


16 Phone In Karyakram : Never missed this program which was very unique in those days. Pandav Sunuwar is a a true legend.


17 Bal Karyakram : Aau mera pyara pyara bhai bainiharu radio najik aao 🙂


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